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Modesto Ash - Before Thinning Modesto Ash - After Thinning Liquid Amber - Before Thinning Liquid Amber - After Thinning Mexican Fan Palm - Before V cut pruning Mexican Fan Palm - After V cut pruning
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Before - Canary Island Date Palm After - Canary Island Date Palm
Olive Tree - Before Shaping Thinning Olive Tree - After Shaping Thinning Mulberry Tree - Before 40% reduction in overall size Mulberry Tree - After 40% reduction in overall size
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Before - Eucalyptus Thinning After - Eucalyptus Thinning Before - Italian Cypress Height Reduction After - Italian Cypress Height Reduction Before - Japanese Maple Thinning & Shaping After - Japanse Maple Thinning & Shaping
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map107-1 stumpys_tree_service004009.jpg
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Our Certified Arborist doing his job Supporting our Troops at the Holiday Parade
Before - Redwoods thinning After - Redwoods thinning Before - Sago Palm After - Sago Palm
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Magnolia Before Thinning & Shaping Magnolia After Thinning & Shaping Olive tree before thinning & raising canopy Olive tree after thinning & raising canopy Purple Leaf Plum Before 30% Reduction Purple Leaf Plum Tree After 30% Reduction
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Firewood kept fresh Sycamore Tree Before thinning Sycamore tree After thinning Well Seasoned and Packaged Firewood
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